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She’s one of the most followed people on social media and for a good reason, Selena Gomez is gorgeous. So it’s no surprise that guys are lining up at the chance to date her! From her on an again off again relationship with Justin Bieber, to her new romance with the Weeknd, we are taking a closer look at Selena Gomez’s love life.

Today we are sharing 6 guys Selena Gomez has dated:

1.Tommy Chiabra 
After a very public breakup with Justin Bieber, it didn’t take long for Selena Gomez to find herself in the arms of another man that man was Italian businessman Tommy Chiabra. Gomez and Chiabra were spotted together on a yacht in St.Tropez for Gomez’s 22nd birthday. It didn’t take long for pictures of the pair jumping off the yacht while holding hands to hit the internet. Almost Immediately fans were convinced Gomez was doing everything she could to make Bieber jealous. Sadly, Gomez and Chiabra never made their relationship official.

 2.Tanz Watson
Tommy Chiabra was not the only man that helped Selena Gomez Get Over her Ex Justin Bieber. There was that time she was spotted with the super cute model and actor Tanz Watson. In July 2014, Selena Gomez made headlines when Watson posted a photo of the pair to social media. In the Instagram, post fans saw a gorgeous Gomez dangerously close to the model. Gomez wrapped her arms around Watson and made a sweet kissy face as they pose for the camera. The photo instantly sparked dating rumors. Gomez and Watson never officially claimed they were together.The dating rumors died down and they both haven’t been spotted together since.

3.Nick Jonas
Selena Gomez must be a hopeless romantic, because of her on an again off again relationship with Bieber, she had a similar situation with Nick Joans.Back in their Disney day Jonas and Gomez were quite the items. It didn’t come out without a little bit drama before Jonas was linked to Gomez and he was dating Miley Cyrus Disney star for a year. So, when he decided to make Gomez his girl, fans were convinced there was a feud between girls. The field rumors only got worse when Joans and Gomez called its quits and Joans rushed back into the arms of Miley Cyrus. They broke up yet another time and Jonas started Selena Gomez dating again. Sadly all the drama was for nothing because their love didn’t last.

4.Orlando Bloom
In 2016, Gomez and Bloom were spotted getting awfully cozy with one another at a Las Vegas nightclub. The problem is Bloom was reportedly dated Katy Pery at that time. Perry just happens to be Gomez’s BFF Taylor Swift’s sworn enemy. This wasn’t the first time the celebrities sparked rumors of spark. Back in 2014Gomez and Bloom were caught several times in LA together. They even jetted off to we day event in Canada together, though they confirmed they were just friends.

In early 2015, the musician teamed up for their song  “I want to know”. After that fans only wanted to know was what was up with Gomez and Zedd? They posted photos all over the social media and they even left golden globes party hand in hand. Sadly, their relationship ended in April of 2015.

6. The Weeknd
It wouldn’t be proper Selena Gomez relationship if there wasn’t a little drama involved. Her relationship with the Weeknd is full of it, thankfully, not from the couple because they seem happier than ever. Rumors of the two dating started spreading at the beginning of 2017. They had been spotted kissing and getting awfully cozy with each other.  The problem is, just a few months ago Weeknd was dating Bella Hadid. Hadid is the younger sister of Gigi Hadid who happens to be Gomez’s best friends. When it comes out that Gomez and Weeknd are an item, Hadid quickly unfollowed the Gomez on Instagram.

7. Taylor Lautner (2009)
In 2009, Taylor and Selena were seen hanging out together on several apparent dates in Vancouver, where Selena was filming “Ramona and Beezus” and Taylor was filming “New Moon.” Some sources said they were just friends, but others said they were definitely a couple. Selena gave a cagey answer in an interview, saying, “Taylor has made me so happy. I didn’t know I could be that happy. He’s a great guy. But I am 100 percent single, and I’m going to keep it that way for a while.”

8. Justin Bieber
Selena and Justin began dating in 2010, and several break-ups and make-ups later, they’re still an item probably.

9. Cameron Michael Quiseng
Selena was seen spending time with Cameron, the bassist for Allstar Weekend, in 2010. Selena never commented and Cameron talked around the question, saying, “This is the truth. One line! I’m not gonna say [if we’re dating]. Selena is awesome.”

10. Mark Selling
Selena was also seen spending time with the much-older “Glee” star after they were seen texting at the Teen Choice Awards. However, the rumors never went anywhere.
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Dungaree: Behold the Revival of 90s Looks
Is everyone ready for a 90s relapse? No? Well, you better be because dungarees are back, people! For anyone who are too lazy to look it up, a dungaree is, well, how to put this?—it really simply an overall. You know? The whole thing made out of denim and used by people when working as it acts more like protective layer so the worker shall not get spilled by liquids and then some. And you are wondering, how can something basically mundane be fashionable? Well, if you put it that way, it cannot. But listen to this, many celebs are seen donning one and the result is surprisingly cute. Like, super cute! If you keep insisting that there is no way an overall can be used to help you display your fashion prowess, wait until you know that Sarah Jessica Parker wears hers and then we’re talking.
Dungaree: Behold the Revival of 90s Looks
Lily Collins
Dungaree: Behold the Revival of 90s Looks
Dungaree: Behold the Revival of 90s Looks
Selena Gomez

Yep, true that. SJP is spotted running an errand in NYC while sporting her dungaree style and she is one to show how it’s done. The classic blue denim apparel looks amazing on her and you must by now droll over your computer to see how perfectly refreshing the piece is. TV presenter Alexa Chung knows how to up her game wearing a dungaree. She has been spotted in an airport comfortably sporting a dungaree paired with a shirt underneath. With a pair of ballet flat shoes, oversized shades, and a trench coat by Burberry, which she wears on by shoulder-robing, Chung really takes a dungaree to another level of awesomeness.

Dungaree: Behold the Revival of 90s Looks
Alexa Chung
Dungaree: Behold the Revival of 90s Looks
Jade Thirlwall
A dungaree is already casual in itself. But look at what Lily Collins has done: She wears it half undone, further strengthening the casualness of a dungaree to an even higher level. Rihanna wears one, too! And she wears it magically fabulous. With a Bardot-sleeved crop top underneath a dungaree, coupled with a sweatshirt tied over her waist, she knows that 90s look is a killer and everyone should just give the simple dungaree a try.

Source images: glamourmagazine
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Rihanna’s Hair through the Years
Rihanna’s Hair through the Years: See How the Singer Continuously Set the World on Fire with Her Style
One of the things about popstars is that they repeatedly change their style into something they think will fit into the latest trend—or more like starting the trend itself. The continuous shift of the life of an artist expands; instead of being limited to said artist’s getup, evolution can also be noted from the hair. It goes without saying that hair is one of the natural fashion elements that can be altered, manipulated, twisted, or improved to accommodate celebs’ wish to be in a way they see can still burn their image to the mind of the fans. Take Rihanna, for example. Over the years, the Barbadian singer has evolved into something more of a hair chameleon. She is practically the epitome of ever-evolving change in fashion.
Rihanna’s Hair through the Years

Rihanna’s Hair through the YearsRihanna’s Hair through the Years: See How the Singer Continuously Set the World on Fire with Her Style

Back then before she went from a good girl into a bad one, she wore her hair long. Sleek hairdo she sported can be reminisced through the pics of her after winning the 2006 Billboard Music Awards for Best Female Artist of the Year. In February 2007, she cut off her long hair and wore it bob-style with an accentuation of side fringe. In July of the same year, she still wore her hair bob-style but she instead dyed it black and made the fringe straighter across her face. January 2010 saw drastic change wherein she decided to chop off the side of her hair completely in order to sport an updo with blonde dye.

Rihanna’s Hair through the Years
As if she hasn’t done enough to shock the world, again in February 2011 Rihanna made a sensation by ditching her punk-inspired hairdo for frizzy, voluminous take and dyed it red. The red hair signature lasted for about a year until she decided to go for her natural hair color with a dash of blonde highlights and curls. And, bam! In December 2012, she chopped her hair off again, now with pixie-cut and dark color. But in February 2013, she let her hair grow long and dyed it strawberry blonde plus some wavy locks.
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The Evolution of Miley Cyrus
The latest Hollywood Bombshell Miley Cyrus is one heck of an artist in that she really shows what the words ‘fashion revolution’ exactly mean. Back in the days before she played the lovable Hannah Montana, she really did display a trait of star-in-the-making quality. Before she was Miss Montana, she was not blonde; she once appeared on red carpet sporting a tweed blazer accompanied with flare jeans. (The last piece of this getup, the jeans, will soon evolve into something much more revealing the older Miss H gets in the future. But, more on that later.) At the premiere of the movie Monster House, she sported a see-through top joined by knee-length denim shorts; although she kind of missed a shot there by wearing a pair of white boots, though.
The Evolution of Miley Cyrus

At the 42nd CMA Awards, Miss Cyrus once again made a mistake. While the popstar was still in her 15, she wore a flower print Roberto Cavalli-made dress, which by the way made her look way older than she is supposed to. The 2008 American Music Awards saw her donning a golden super-mini dress. The dress was something of attention-worth because it was accentuated with black fabric extending from its upper right part down to the lower right. It really established the image Miley tried to take in: a sexy, sultry diva of sort.
The Evolution of Miley Cyrus
The Evolution of Miley Cyrus

2009 saw another evolution of Miss Cyrus as she tried so hard to embrace her new, more mature look by donning an embellished mini dress made by Herve Leger plus a pair of shoes by Sergio Rossi. From this point on, it is so easy to spot the popstar sporting material more mature than her; such a risqué fashion decision will soon prove how much of a bombshell she was, is, and will be. And then there is finally the cutting of her lock. Miley starts channeling edgier feel through her buzzcut, triggering many socialmedia storms that both adulate and scorn her.
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