About Us


I'm Jessica Myers and this blog is celebrity Gossip :-)

I'm a 24-something girl living in United States. I have a pretty regular job that I like, a beautiful house in the suburbs, a wonderful partner and I'm a very lucky girl.

I have always loved to read and was looking for celebrity gossip blogs when I discovered that the celebrity gossip blogging universe was a whole community that cares about its members and considers them friends. I wanted to belong too and so started blogging in July 2008. I haven't looked back since - although like everyone I have ups and downs and sometimes life is simply too busy for me to be able to blog, I always come back to the wonderful people who I now consider friends.

Most of the content of my blog is celebrity gossip, but I also include other celebrity styles, since I like to fashions and try to make time for it.

You're always welcome to contact me if you wish - email me on celebritiesmyblog@yahoo.com.