Niall Horan Should Steal Selena Gomez from Justin Bieber, According to Directioners

Niall Horan Should Steal Selena Gomez from Justin Bieber, According to Directioners
Do Niall Horan fans really want him to steal Selena Gomez from Justin Bieber?

There was recently a crazy rumor going around that Niall and Selena flirted at the Kids' Choice Awards, which made the Biebs very angry. The rumor was later shot down, but it seems that some One Direction fans would love for Niallena to happen.

After the alleged KCA altercation, Allie is Wired conducted a poll and found that three times as many voters were on Team Niall as Team Justin. At first this makes it seem that Directioners would love for Niall to steal Selena Gomez from Justin Bieber, but this might be not be the case.

Recently Allie is Wired conducted another poll to see whether voters think Justin Bieber or Niall Horan is hotter. Currently Justin has about 63 percent of the votes, while Niall just has 37.

So here's what might have happened: Instead of Directioners voting for Niall and Selena to become a couple, perhaps Beliebers were voting for this to happen. If Niall stole Selena away from Justin, he might be heartbroken for awhile, but he'd finally be single again, which is obviously something many Beliebers want. It also wouldn't make sense for Directioners to vote for Niall Horan and Selena Gomez to get together because they probably want Niall to remain unattached. After all, with two members of One Direction already taken and Harry Styles desperately searching for dates, Directioners have to just keep praying that the remaining three single guys stay that way.

And even the Directioners who don't mind Niall dating probably don't want him to be a home wrecker. Instead many of them might like to see him end up with Demi Lovato, who has admitted to having a crush on him. In fact, "Demi is PhenomNIALL" was trending on Twitter yesterday.

So would you like to see Niall dating someone, or do you prefer him single?