How to Send a Letter to Emma Watson

How to Send a Letter to Emma Watson
Hey! Do you like Emma Watson, the actress that plays Hermione Granger in Harry Potter? Well, so you should send a letter to her! But if you really want that Emma notice your letter, here's how.


1. Tell how much you like her work and tell what you think about her, and a little about yourself, too!
2. Make the letter super colorful! Draw cartoons and colorful things on that and on the envelope, it would be easier to make Emma notice. Try to make the most original letter and envelope ever!
3. Paint the envelope of your letter all colorful. Bright colors like hot pink and sky blue together are great! Or maybe do a rainbow envelope!


Letters sent to this address will arrive at the letterbox of the Leavesden Studios which appear to have the best contact to Emma:
Emma Watson
Harry Potter Production Office
P. O. Box 3000
Leavesden, Herts WD25 7LT
United Kingdom
Other magazines or studios may provide an alternate address.


If you'd like to send a letter to Emma Watson, don't try to find out her private address. Seriously, it would be difficult and inappropriate.
Sending a picture of yourself to someone who you don't know personally is dangerous for obvious reasons.
Don't send your letter to adresses from fansites they may be incorrect or a trick. go to [[1]]
it's a accurate site for fanmail adresses.