John Mayer Addresses ‘Paper Doll’ Rumors: Is It About Taylor Swift?

John Mayer Addresses ‘Paper Doll’ Rumors: Is It About Taylor Swift?

John performed a few songs on the ‘Today’ show on July 5, including his new single, ‘Paper Doll.’ The song has been rumored to be about Taylor Swift, and before his performance he was confronted about it. So are the rumors really true?

Notorious heartbreaker John Mayer, 35, may have been the target of a Taylor Swift song, but rumors are swirling that his latest single, “Paper Doll,” is his chance to call her out. He was asked about whether the song really is directed at Taylor, 23, when he performed on the Today show July 5, and he didn’t exactly deny it!

John Mayer and Taylor Swift
John Mayer and Taylor Swift

John Mayer Confronts Taylor Swift Rumors

While fans may be excited about John’s upcoming album, which will hit stores August 20, they might be a little more excited about his latest song, “Paper Doll” for the time being — especially if there is more to the lyrics than meets the ear.

It has been rumored that “Paper Doll” is about Taylor, and when he was asked about if the rumors are true or false before he performed the song, he didn’t say false! “Songwriters write songs because of people, about people,” he said. “Anything someone else wrote is their reception of a song; I don’t get involved in it. It’s none of my business.”

Whatever that means! John’s definitely being coy, and his lack of a denial sure seems closer to a confirmation that Taylor was his songwriting target.

John Mayer’s ‘Paper Doll’ Lyrics Lead To Speculation

After Taylor’s “Dear John” left him “humiliated,” as he told Rolling Stone in 2012, he may have fired back with his own song! The chorus seemingly makes reference to her song, “22″: “You’re like 22 girls in one / And none of them know what they’re running from / Was it just too far to fall for a little paper doll?”

He also sings a lyric in “Paper Doll” that says, “Someone’s gonna paint you another sky,” which matches her “Dear John” lyrics, “You paint me a blue sky and go back and turn it to rain.”

The references are subtle, but definitely questionable, and John’s answer to the burning question on Today didn’t convince us at all that the song isn’t about Taylor!

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